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Black Widow

Black widows are very recognizable spiders for a couple of reasons. First, they have a round, black abdomen. But, more famously, they have a bright red hourglass shape on their belly.

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What kind of habitats does a black widow prefer?

Black widows love warm, dry, sheltered environments. It is rare to find a black widow living inside a home, they prefer to live outdoors in wood piles or in outbuildings like garages or sheds. Ultimately, black widows seek warmth and to be undisturbed. When they do make their way inside it’s usually because they are carried in on another item. It’s wise to carefully inspect all items you bring into your home from outdoors to make sure they are not carrying pests.

What damage does a black widow cause?

Can you think of a spider that has a worse reputation than the black widow? The name says it all. But, it’s actually rare that a black widow bite is fatal. The spiders venom is a toxin that affects the nervous system of its prey. In humans it can cause pain, burning, swelling, and even muscles spasms or seizures. The response varies from person to person, but is far more dangerous in children, the elderly people, and those who are immunocompromised.

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