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Brown Recluse
Named for its coloring, the brown recluse is approximately an inch long and light brown in color. They’re most recognizable by the dark brown violin-shaped pattern on their backs.
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What kind of habitats does a brown recluse prefer?

Brown recluse spiders feel at home in dark areas where they can live undisturbed. In nature, they make their webs outside in wood piles or under rocks, but they can also be found inside in closets, attics, and storage areas. If you see a brown recluse spider around your home it’s most likely going to be in a man made structure like a shed or garage or under the eaves of your house. Sometimes they can be found in heavily overgrown grasses near your homes exterior. Primarily, they prefer to live in areas where they wont be bothered by human activity.

What damage does a brown recluse cause?

There’s good news and bad news about the brown recluse spider. The good news is that, while venomous, it’s not known to cause severe injury because the spider only injects a small amount at a time. The bad news is that the bite site can can become red and inflamed and you will likely experience pain in the hours after your bite. The degree of your symptoms will vary between individuals and some people will experience ulcers and tissue death in the days after their bite.

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