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House Spider

House spiders are very common in Florida and can be identified by their brown and tan bodies marked by a light chevron pattern and a light covering of hair across their bodies.

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What kind of habitats does a house spider prefer?

It may surprise you to learn that most house spiders spend their entire lives living indoors. Fortunately, house spiders want to avoid contact with humans as much as humans prefer not to come into contact with them. The common house spider is relatively small and can easily hide in cracks and crevices in your home. When and if house spiders make their way outdoors they can typically be found hanging around manmade structures like garages, sheds, and barns where they can stay away from natural predators.

What damage does a house spider cause?

Most spiders want to avoid contact with people and will only bite when they feel threatened. This goes for house spiders too. Even if you were to sustain a house spider bite it would not cause any physical damage. In fact, the worst thing about house spiders is that they’re creepy and crawly. They are known to eat other pests in your home like ants and termites. While you probably don’t want to be living among spiders, house spiders are some of the least problematic house pests.

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