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Wolf Spider

You can tell wolf spiders by their hairy, gray and brown striped bodies and eight eyes organized in three rows. After their eggs hatch, the mothers carry their babies on their backs.

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What kind of habitats does a wolf spider prefer?

Wolf spiders are very common in Florida and very easy to spot because of their larger than typical size. They typically live outside, but can sometimes be found indoors. Like most other spiders, wolf spiders want to live in quiet, undisturbed darkness and can be found living in attics, in closets, or around windows or doors. These fuzzy spiders are known to be great hunters and eliminate other pests from your environment, but that doesn’t stop homeowners from wanting to rid them from their homes.

What damage does a wolf spider cause?

Typically, wolf spiders are not aggressive and are unlikely to bite humans. However, it’s always possible to suffer a wolf spider bite if you come across a spider that feels threatened by your presence. Fortunately, wolf spider bites are not venomous. Their bite can hurt, simply because they are so large, but it won’t cause any lasting damage. if you do experience a wolf spider bite you can treat the wound the same way you would another skin puncture wound.

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