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Carpenter Bee
Carpenter bees have a furry thorax and a long, sleek abdomen. They come in several color variations from all black to black and yellow. They look like large bumble bees and can often be found alone.
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What kind of habitats does a carpenter bee prefer?

Carpenter bees are adorable and gentle creatures. They love Florida for our comfortable temperatures which enable them to remain active all year round and not have to hibernate during cold winter months. They may build their nests in native trees like cypress or pine, but more often you’ll encounter them after they’ve nested in a wooden structure on your property. It’s common to find carpenter bees nesting in eaves, wood siding, fascia boards, decks, outdoor furniture, and more.

What damage does a carpenter bee cause?

When carpenter bees build their nests they look for raw, unpainted wood which they whittle away to create a series of tunnels for their colony to live. these tunnels can cause structural damage to a building if they go undetected or if repairs aren’t made. They don’t actually eat the wood, and cause much less damage than termites do, but should still be monitored. Like many stinging insects, carpenter bees can sting though they only do so to protect themselves when they feel threatened.

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