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Paper Wasp

The paper wasp has a similar shape as the yellow jacket, though it is brown and not striking yellow. Their most obvious trait are their very long legs which trail behind them as they fly.

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What kind of habitats does a paper wasp prefer?

Paper wasps love warm weather, in fact, they can’t survive once the temperature drops below freezing. For that reason alone, Florida is an ideal environment for them. It’s common to see paper wasps flying around homes and other structures in Florida because they love to build their nests in the security and comfort that our homes provide. Some common places that paper wasps establish nests are under decks, in the eaves of houses, on porch roofs, and in attic rafters.

What damage does a paper wasp cause?

Paper wasps have an interesting ability to damage to a home or property in ways you may not expect. In order to build their nests, they’re known to peel the bark from trees or pull scrap wood from homes or other buildings to create the paper-like structure. People are also a risk when paper wasps are around. Their painful sting is not toxic enough to hurt most people, except for those who are allergic to it. But, it can cause uncomfortable side effects like swelling, itching, and hives.

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