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Acrobat Ant

The acrobat ant population varies in color from red to black. Their most recognizable characteristic is the heart-shaped abdomen that they can raise in the air above their bodies.

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What kind of habitats does an acrobat ant prefer?

Primarily outside ants, acrobat ants love to nest in moist environments where water and food sources are abundant. For that reason, they can often be found building their nests in decaying trees, under rocks, and amongst other debris. Inside your home, you’re most likely to encounter acrobat ants in areas where damage already exists. Often they are known to build nests in areas where termites or carpenter ants have already carved out a perfect hiding place.

What damage does an acrobat ant cause?

Not known for causing injury to humans, acrobat ants rarely bite unless they feel threatened, and even when they do bite there are few side effects. Probably the most significant damage acrobat ants pose is to your electrical wiring. Inside homes, these ants have been know to chew through the insultation surrounding electrical or telephone wires until they reach the wire and electrocute themselves. These persistent pests can do some damage over time.

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