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Fire Ant
Fire ants can be identified by their rusty red color. When you get up close enough, you may also notice that fire ants have a stinger on the back and two bumps between their thorax and abdomen.
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What kind of habitats does a fire ant prefer?

If you’ve ever walked through an open field in Florida you’ve probably seen the large, mounded fire ant nests. Fire ants prefer wide open, sunny spaces to build their mounds, so you are most likely to see them in parks, pastures, golf courses, playgrounds, or lawns. While that is the primary environment for most fire ant mounds, some can also be found in areas where there is rotting wood. For instance a rotting tree stump, downed limbs, or piles of logs lying around your home or property.

What damage does a fire ant cause?

Fire ants don’t cause as much damage to their environment as other types of ants. However, originating from Brazil, this tiny red ant species is known to disrupt native ant populations and upset food sources for local wildlife. But, the real risk fire ants pose to humans is their intense bite. For those who are allergic to fire ants, their bite can be life-threatening. But, the rest of us can expect a series of uncomfortable side effects including swelling, pain, itchiness, and blisters.

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