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Australian Roach

The Australian roach is often confused with the American roach because of the golden band around their heads. The Australian roach is recognizable because of its smaller size and darker brown color.

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What kind of habitats does an Australian roach prefer?

The Australian roach loves to live outdoors, and we love that for them, don’t we? Here in Florida, they’re one of the more common roach species you’ll encounter and are known to live around the perimeter of buildings whether its homes, commercial, or agricultural buildings. Like other roaches, Australians love dark, damp environments and are most likely to live in flower beds or planters, beneath piles of mulch or leaves. or in crawl spaces, garages, and greenhouses.

What damage does an Australian roach cause?

Most people get a chill up their spine when they think of roaches. In fact, they may be some of the least likeable pests we know. While they aren’t aggressive to humans or cause direct danger to their homes, roaches have a danger all their own. Australian roaches are known to carry pathogens on their bodies which they introduce into Florida homes by walking across the counter tops or through the silverware drawer late at night. Those pathogens can cause disease like salmonella and staph.

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