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Smoky Brown Roach

You’ll know a smoky brown roach by its signature mahogany color and almost glossy looking exoskeleton. It looks very similar to the American roach except that smoky brown has no visible markings.

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What kind of habitats does a smoky brown roach prefer?

Smoky brown roaches love warm, humid environments which makes Central Florida an ideal place for them to live. Thankfully, they prefer living outside, though they may occasionally enter your home looking for food or water. Outside your home, you’re most likely to encounter smoky brown roaches in mulched areas or places where there is enough ground cover to keep them safe. They are commonly found in wooded areas, in rotting trees, and hidden among brush.

What damage does a smoky brown roach cause?

Smoky brown roaches may look like the other roaches you find in Florida, however, they are more dangerous to people. Like their peers, smoky browns are most dangerous because of the bacteria and diseases they carry on their bodies and then track through your home. In some cases they may cause diarrhea, but in more severe cases they can carry pathogens that cause diseases like tuberculosis, dysentery, and typhoid. You want to get rid of these roaches as quickly as you can.

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